alternative-baking-company-cookiesOk so I had to be work like at 7 in the am people, and I am working like a full week in a row. I really like my company I work for but weeks at a time and being the closer every time by myself.  This is going to be interesting.  I work for a huge Grocerey Store and we were slammed today, and down two peeps. I am so tired right know and sore as h#$$,  the other day we were hit with a ginormous ice storm, not only did it leave going anywhere impossible, but the electric went out!  I know that I am lucky considering people are still without, I hope you guys are safe and power restored very soon.  Any way  you guys should totally try Alternative Baking Vegan cookies.  take a bite , and pretty much self -explanatory. peace b


I have this ideal, about having a huge potluck aka veggie of course, to help raise awarness and money for different organizations, groups that can make a change for the better.  I am working on it and maybe one day in the future you all will be part of it or a least have heard of it. Well intill tommorow xoxo B

Animal appreciation

What does a person do when they can’t stand a animal without a home or hungry? I just happened to look out my patio door and see a handsome tabby looking for some grub. I put some kitty food out and I scared him away but I think he will come back and get a Buddha belly-full. When I was growing up we lived on this huge farm, and we always took in strays and we had every animal possible. I want to be able one day to have a large farm sanctuary for forgotten or miss-treated beauties. I just started in a dog washing charity event this past summer to raise awareness  and money for a no kill shelter in my area. We had a blast and a lot of the kitties and doggies went home with their new mommas and poppa’s. It was so much fun. I think everyone should help or volunteer for a shelter, animals have persona;ties as we and need physical love and care. To everyone who has 4 legged child, give them a hug and say love you. I just watched meet your meat videos all the way through and wow, speechless, pointblank. Why? How? Well on a happier ending what is the craziest animal you have every had? Moi Lucy the ostritche, and matilda the awsome chicken.

xoxo B




luna_logo_jpegLuna peeps you have outdone yourselfs, once again. When I find myself saying I am tired of eating the same old bars over and over, a new flavour to tantalize ones taste buds appears. I was shopping today and came across WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUT FLAVORED LUNA BAR. I can honestly say holy ! This was truly amazing, by far better than the vegan cc and ginger cookies I had for the holidays. I just want to thank the cliff bar company and offer my oh so prestige taste buds to you. If you need a taste-tester pleas email me for info.  Please go out and but one of these and by the way if you shop at whole foods thay have a coupon for these awesome! 

xoxo B

B’s Burnt Toast of the day.


After having a huge fight with the Mother, I was so not into cooking dinner. Well anyway I ended up with a wonderful recipe, that I threw together in a pinch. 


  • Butternut squash cubed                                 
  • Can of chickpeas
  • 1 tbs cumin
  • 1 tbs cinnamon
  • salt and pepper
  • A splash of herb infused Evoo

Set oven to 350*f

combine all of your lovely ingredients and place on a baking sheet let everything bake around 30 min. or when the squash gets all caramelized and fragrant.  I steamed some kale beforehand and made my fab mashed blue potatoes to make a pillowy bed for the roasted goodness.

B’s Blue tators                                                                              

  • Blue potatoes or whatever you have
  • Earthbalance
  • oat milk or non dairy** See note below.
  • salt and pepper
  • roasted garlic in a jar

Steam or boil potatoes till tender, add all ingredients and mash away.

** I don’t like to drink oat milk by it’s self, but it creates a wonderful creamy like consistency that pairs well in texture and flavour with potatoes.


B’s Burnt Toast of the day.


I have been drinking Almound Breeze for years, I go through a case a week, I love love love the unsweetend versions. My friends at work know that when I order coffee it is always made with Almound milk, aka Almound Breeze.

I would love to see some vegan almound breeze yogurt or ice cream in the future. I would like to take a poll and I will post the results Saturday.   

Green Moutain Coffee

t36742_thumb1 Go to the greenmoutain website to check them out.

Has anyone every experienced the delectable aroma and full bodied explosion of flavor from green moutain gingerbread coffee.  I am a huge fan of this brand of coffee, not only is the company organic, fair trade and all natural, they even have the Newmans on their side. Go out and try this coffee, mocha nut fudge, gingerbread, vanilla caramel, french vanilla, mocha, breakfast, decaf, ect….