Animal appreciation

What does a person do when they can’t stand a animal without a home or hungry? I just happened to look out my patio door and see a handsome tabby looking for some grub. I put some kitty food out and I scared him away but I think he will come back and get a Buddha belly-full. When I was growing up we lived on this huge farm, and we always took in strays and we had every animal possible. I want to be able one day to have a large farm sanctuary for forgotten or miss-treated beauties. I just started in a dog washing charity event this past summer to raise awareness  and money for a no kill shelter in my area. We had a blast and a lot of the kitties and doggies went home with their new mommas and poppa’s. It was so much fun. I think everyone should help or volunteer for a shelter, animals have persona;ties as we and need physical love and care. To everyone who has 4 legged child, give them a hug and say love you. I just watched meet your meat videos all the way through and wow, speechless, pointblank. Why? How? Well on a happier ending what is the craziest animal you have every had? Moi Lucy the ostritche, and matilda the awsome chicken.

xoxo B


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