Giveaways and a review.

So here I am wondering through the congested aisles  of wholefoods. Rush hour has nothing on the 4 o’clock  stampede of shoppers. I am just trying to get my raw almound butter, for JENNA’S RAW WED. EAT,LIVE,RUN IS THE BLOG. There right before my just dialted eyes, on sale, almound butter. I think i actually may have done a little dance right then and there, or then again the funny looks could of been because of my huge SUPERNATURAL POSESSED DEMON LOOK. The brand is maranatha nut butters.

It was creamy, slighty crunchy, fresh and mouth watering. It left me wanting more, and yes I will be giving awaynsp-mnb092500  MARANATHA RAW ALMOUND BUTTER.  I would love to do a raw nut/seed butter swap, so if you would like to join in just leave a comment, and or add me to your blog roll and link back to this.  I will randomly choose a number, and it ends saturday morning.  lo


About me?

I started reading blogs in highschool, it was a way for me to get away, live through someone else.  I am 21, and a health nut who likes cookies. I enjoy art, many forms of exercise and cooking. I have a passion for fashion, and have been told I have an overactive imagination. I would like to go for a business/fashion degree and maybe culinary school, I have also always wanted to act and produce movies. I currently work at a health food store,  I just got my driver’s license last year, after three attempts. I really am a great driver, I just got nervous. I have a kitty, who I found abandoned, named coco chanel. All of my animal have been named after fashion icons.  During High school I became very sick, and had to go to intensive care, I battled my sickness for, four years, and I think I am finally past that point of my life. I have a very expressive face, which gets me into trouble sometimes, I am a people pleas-er. I was the official hool-hooperof my school, I hooped for two hours to beat my my entire elementaryschool. Abs of steel baby! I am just a 21, neat freak who is clumsy and loves to be in charge. My weakness is coffee and a boy in skinny jeans w/ tatoos. My mom is not to happy abut that. I dunno what more to say, so please if you wanna know just ask, I am very open so hollar.