About me?

I started reading blogs in highschool, it was a way for me to get away, live through someone else.  I am 21, and a health nut who likes cookies. I enjoy art, many forms of exercise and cooking. I have a passion for fashion, and have been told I have an overactive imagination. I would like to go for a business/fashion degree and maybe culinary school, I have also always wanted to act and produce movies. I currently work at a health food store,  I just got my driver’s license last year, after three attempts. I really am a great driver, I just got nervous. I have a kitty, who I found abandoned, named coco chanel. All of my animal have been named after fashion icons.  During High school I became very sick, and had to go to intensive care, I battled my sickness for, four years, and I think I am finally past that point of my life. I have a very expressive face, which gets me into trouble sometimes, I am a people pleas-er. I was the official hool-hooperof my school, I hooped for two hours to beat my my entire elementaryschool. Abs of steel baby! I am just a 21, neat freak who is clumsy and loves to be in charge. My weakness is coffee and a boy in skinny jeans w/ tatoos. My mom is not to happy abut that. I dunno what more to say, so please if you wanna know just ask, I am very open so hollar.


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