Pb crunchy or creamy?


Good morning, I hope you guys are enjoying the beautiful sunshine today.  I have just been hanging around the house, blogging, , and getting ready for work. I love nutbutters and always seemed to lean toward the smooth kind, but when you craving pb, and, all your friends have is crunchy, your going to go for it.  Well lets just say, I happen to love this brand no matter the flava, texture.  Crunchy is more complex, satisfies all elements of the palette. It makes an awsome stir-fry sauce, salad dressing, awesome in gm’s and well yummers on a spoon, my fav. I love the whole story, and playfulness the company owners bring, not only too a delicious  product but a wonderful restaurant, and appreciation to classic American sandwich. This is not your average jarred P.b, this is truly gourmet, and a flavour for even the most sophisticated palette. So whether you like smooth or crunchy, buy some today, and re-live your childhood through every bite. xo b 


Living Harvest my new obession>


I love this. It is creamy nutty and smooth, it makes a awesome green monster, and adds a little sophistication to my morning cereal and dunk a freshly made super-charge me cookie into a frosty glass of this, pure bliss.

They also have tempt ice cream, soy,dairy,vegan,gluten free,  I have yet to find it but when I do, you guys will know. Well I gotta go to work. xo B

Ask Earthyb thursday

Today I went to the gym and did a hour bike session, awww how I love to sweat away the frustration, and stress. My job, well it contains the two but I love it, well it’s sorta a love/hate relationship.  I came in from the gym, it’s two steps from my house btw, called G-parents aka.. Grams and Papa.  Who I adore from the bottom of my heart.  My Gram is truly an amazing women, she just found out a few months ago that she had a in operative mass in her chest that was cancer and if removed would over take her body. She went through rigorous treatments lost her hair, rocked a wig and turns out it is completely gone!  She is now sporting the  BALDED BRITNEY , and is going to get her gallbladder removed. She has 7 kids, and btw Gramps was told he would live too be 100, hell yea!  They are too cute for words, Gramps just fresh out of the army, divorced and hunkering for a good cup of joe, fell madly in love with his waitress, and 49 cups of joe later grams said yes to a first date. They have been married ever since.  

  Ok onto the title of the post, I want questions from you, yes you, and I will answer thursdays in a post.  So leave a comment to find out a little more about me or have a question about random stuff I will try to find out for you.  Next post I embark on a mission to find the perfect, yet affordable BLENDER, and a very delicious review or two or three.  And Has anyone checked out GLO BAKERY, I wish I lived in Canada so I could enjoy those tasty treats.  Bye B

Deer runs into Wholefoods, cincinnati, oh

I was walking into wholefoods, when I was stopped by a friend, saying that they were closed. So apparently a young buck, walked right in and partied like 100 college students at a frat house. The place was a mess and the poor guy was tramatized. He was tranqulized and removed from the area, no one was hurt and it created a story of a lifetime.  What is the craziest animal story you have been involed with?