Ask Earthyb thursday

Today I went to the gym and did a hour bike session, awww how I love to sweat away the frustration, and stress. My job, well it contains the two but I love it, well it’s sorta a love/hate relationship.  I came in from the gym, it’s two steps from my house btw, called G-parents aka.. Grams and Papa.  Who I adore from the bottom of my heart.  My Gram is truly an amazing women, she just found out a few months ago that she had a in operative mass in her chest that was cancer and if removed would over take her body. She went through rigorous treatments lost her hair, rocked a wig and turns out it is completely gone!  She is now sporting the  BALDED BRITNEY , and is going to get her gallbladder removed. She has 7 kids, and btw Gramps was told he would live too be 100, hell yea!  They are too cute for words, Gramps just fresh out of the army, divorced and hunkering for a good cup of joe, fell madly in love with his waitress, and 49 cups of joe later grams said yes to a first date. They have been married ever since.  

  Ok onto the title of the post, I want questions from you, yes you, and I will answer thursdays in a post.  So leave a comment to find out a little more about me or have a question about random stuff I will try to find out for you.  Next post I embark on a mission to find the perfect, yet affordable BLENDER, and a very delicious review or two or three.  And Has anyone checked out GLO BAKERY, I wish I lived in Canada so I could enjoy those tasty treats.  Bye B


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