Pb crunchy or creamy?


Good morning, I hope you guys are enjoying the beautiful sunshine today.  I have just been hanging around the house, blogging, , and getting ready for work. I love nutbutters and always seemed to lean toward the smooth kind, but when you craving pb, and, all your friends have is crunchy, your going to go for it.  Well lets just say, I happen to love this brand no matter the flava, texture.  Crunchy is more complex, satisfies all elements of the palette. It makes an awsome stir-fry sauce, salad dressing, awesome in gm’s and well yummers on a spoon, my fav. I love the whole story, and playfulness the company owners bring, not only too a delicious  product but a wonderful restaurant, and appreciation to classic American sandwich. This is not your average jarred P.b, this is truly gourmet, and a flavour for even the most sophisticated palette. So whether you like smooth or crunchy, buy some today, and re-live your childhood through every bite. xo b 


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