brittanyHi, Brittany here and I have always wanted to own a boutique/coffee house and name it Earthyb’s.  I am 21 and currently taking time off from school to define what I really want in my career. I love business and fashion and I would like to combine the both with cooking to create my ultimate dream of a coffee/boutique house.  I have a huge love for animals and is why I was always aware of what I ate as a child. So I went veg at 13 on and off and stuck with it by the time I was 16. I went on a raw food for a while last year and loved it but, I don’t declare myself a raw foodist, I enjoy cooked food as well. I eat good food period. I do consume alot of raw foods, and wholefoods as well. I am a foodie by heart and I enjoy cooking as a well as biking and yoga.  I am learning to stop fighting my body and come at peace with it. I can say that grammar is not my strong point, for that I apologize. Give me a math or history  and my love, art, I am wicked at. I have a scar on my neck, were I had a tumor removed from my thryoid and it looks kinda cool. I enjoy reading you blogs and hope that you enjjoy mine, comments are welcomed .  I also have a healthy amount of hemp and bamboo based clothing as well as organic cotton, and one day would like to have my name associated with a line produced of sustainable materials and are fashionable of course. My career at the largest health-food store in the us, is amazing and you know what I am talking about. Hopefully you got to know me better, or at least how badly ,my grammar is. But it is what it is and it’s me.


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